Our Product

The alarm clock is ringing, but you're not ready to get out of bed. Neither were we, and that's why we went out to look for a solution. We are creating a caffeine product you can take before bed that releases just in time for you to wake up. You choose how long you want to sleep for, we make sure you wake up ready to face the world.

How it works

Using steady time release technology, we are creating a pill that releases a burst of caffeine right when you want it, just before you wake up. This technology ensures you get to sleep as long as you desire, and wake up with the caffeine jolt you need it most.


Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure reliability and consistency in our product. We are currently in the prototyping process to ensure our product is accurate within 5 minutes of the desired waking time.


Kue sounds like magic, and for less than the cost of your morning coffee it can be.

About us

We're a start-up company based out of the University of Waterloo looking to change the way people wake up. We're in the early stage of development looking to have a prototype and enter the market in the next 18 months.

With the help of the experts at the School of Pharmacy and Velocity Science here at the university we plan to produce the best product possible that is reliable, safe and effective.

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Kam and Josh started Kue in the summer of 2014, since then, they have worked with numerous advisers and friends who helped get the company where it is now

Josh Reid

CTO & Founder

Josh is a University of Waterloo student studying Nanotechnology Engineering. His experience is in microfluidics and material characterization. Josh is focused on producing a high-quality product for the success of the company.

Looking for further information?

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  • Address: 200 University Avenue
  • Phone: +519 336 2000
  • Email: kam@getkue.ca